Northeast United Premier Soccer Club (NEU) offers a Premier level soccer program designed to bring a high level of technical training and competitive soccer to northeast Connecticut's serious soccer players.




Tournament Rules


*Any team that is a non US Youth affiliate team needs to show proof of insurance evidencing liability and player medical coverage.  Minimum liability limits must meet or exceed $1,000,000 and excess player medical limits must meet or exceed $25,000.  A team must produce evidence of insurance prior to the tournament.*


1.)  This tournament will follow the US Soccer DOB Year Age Matrix.


2.)  No heading the ball ages U11 and younger.  All headers will award the opposition with an indirect free kick at the spot of the foul.  U12 and older are permitted to head the ball.  


3.)  Completed rosters must be on file with the Tournament Director.  This may be done at the registration tent at least 1 hour prior to your first scheduled match.  


4.)  Players passes from your NSA or a US Soccer member.


5.)  Name, DOB, and jersey number must be provided for all players.  This can be in the form of a certified league roster, or written or typed onto our official tournament roster form (available online).  Team roster is turned in along with your health forms by June 1st.  The same roster is turned in during team registration onsite at the event.  


6.)  Maximum of 12 players on a team's roster.


7.)  Each team will play a minimum of four matches, weather permitting.  


8.)  Teams must be ready to play at the start of the scheduled match time or game will be declared a forfeit (5-0 score).  A minimum of 5 players is required to start the game, one of which must be a goalkeeper.  If a team is unable to field 5 players 5 minutes after the scheduled start time, the game will be forfeited; a 5-0 win and four points will be awarded to its opponent.


9.)  Team Bracketing: teams will be divided into brackets determined by age and competitive level.  The minimum number of teams for a bracket is four (4) and the maximum is twenty-four (24) teams in a single division.


10.)  Game ball sizes: U8-U12: size 4 ball, and U13 and older: size 5 ball.


11.)  First team to be lined up for the opening kickoff will be rewarded with the opening possession and their defensive field side of choice.  If both teams are set and ready at the same time the referee can do a coin toss to determine side.  This is up to the referees discretion.  


12.)  Length of games: 25-minute games (No halftime, running clock, clock begins at scheduled start time).  Overtime will be played only in the playoff elimination round.  Not during consolation matches.  Overtime will use one 5-minute period with golden goal sudden death rule in effect.  If the game remains tied at that point, sudden death penalty kicks will determine the winner.  1 shooter for each team, and it continues until one team's shooter converts and the opposing team does not.


13.)  Coaches are required to have a "ROSTER" with them during the game, if the referee needs to check a player for any reason.  These game rosters must be the same roster on file with the Tournament Registration Tent.  This is just a list of players on your team (Name, DOB, Jersey #).


14.)  Red cards: Two yellow cards in one game is equivalent of one soft red card.  The recipient of two yellow cards will be suspended for the duration of that game as well as the team's entire next game.  The recipient of the hard red card (non-yellow cards) will be suspended for the duration of that game as well as the team's next two games.  In addition, a "hard red card" will deduct 1 point from the teams' total points in the standings.  (Does not include soft red w/ 2 yellow cards issued to a single player).  This includes both players and coaches.


15.)  Substitutions will be made from the center midfield sideline.  All substitutes must be approved (waved on by the referee) before entering the field of play.  Substitutions shall be allowed prior to a goal kick, at the start of the half, following a goal scored, prior to a throw-in for a team in possession and for individuals who are injured with a like number for the opposing team.  Ultimately, substitution is done at the referee's discretion to prevent time wasting by coaches demonstrating poor gamesmanship.


16.)  Team Standings will be posted at the tournament headquarter location.  All game results will be submitted to the tournament headquarters tent by the winning coach or manager and should be verified by the coaches and referee at the conclusion of each match.

 Scoring for all divisions:

Win = 3 points

Draw = 1 point

Loss = 0 points

Shutout = 1 point (0-0 draw does not count)

*Maximum of 5 goal differential per match.


17.)  Playoff Selection (U11 & Older ONLY): seeding is done using the point system referenced above for all brackets.  Brackets with two groups totaling 6 teams: The top 4 ranked teams with the most points earned will play in semi-finals with a chance to advance during playoffs to the championship game.  The bottom 2 teams (#5 & #6) with the lowest point totals will play in a consolation game against one another.


18.)  Tie Breaker Procedure

a.) Highest number of points

b.) Winner of head to head competition.  Not valid if more than two teams are tied.

c.) Winner of most games

d.) Goal differential (goals scored minus goals allowed - maximum of 5 per match)

e.) Fewest goals allowed

f.) Most shutouts

g.) Most games scoring a goal

h.) Minus 1 additional point for each hard red card tallied in 3 preliminary games

i.) Sudden Death Penalty Kicks (1 player from each team until there is a winner) except any eligible player may be chosen to kick.

19.)  Championship Awards will be given to the 1st place team in each overall age division at the end of the tournament day.  Runner-up Awards will be given to all 2nd place teams in the overall age bracket.


20.)  Referees: There will be one referee per match/field.  Offside will be enforced by the tournament referees at all ages.


21.)  Weather/Lightning Policy: Weather conditions are the responsibility of the game officials, coaches, tournament emergency management director, athletic trainer, and the tournament director.  Coaches and players must report to the field ready to play regardless of weather conditions unless otherwise advised by the tournament committee.  Only the referee or committee may cancel, postpone or reduce the length of a match.  The committee reserves the right to delay, reduce the match time, or ultimately cancel the match(es) due to weather conditions.  If a match is terminated due to weather after one half of play (12 minutes) the match will be considered official and score final.  If a preliminary round match is canceled due to weather, the committee will award a 0-0 draw.  If a Playoff/Championship round match game is canceled due to weather, a shoot-out will take place to determine the winner.  If a shoot-out cannot take place, the game will be decided by a coin toss.  Please note that the safety of all is the foremost concern, independent of any cost, inconvenience or advantage due to the replay (or lack thereof) of the game.  No refunds will be provided for games canceled due to factors outside of our control such as but not limited to: inclement weather, flooded fields, thunder and lightning policy.